Bowen Technique, Reiki and Bioptron Lamp treatments

Health Services provides the following treatments:

  • Bowen Technique - a gentle, deeply relaxing, non-invasive physical therapy that allows the body to attain its natural balance and kick start the healing process. 
  • Reiki treament - a form of energy work which involves channelling this Universal energy into and surrounding the recipient producing a warm and relaxing sensation. 
  • Bioptron Light Therapy - used to treat both cosmetic as well as deep tissue ailments using a Bioptron Lamp which is a medical device under EU law. 
  • Cellulite reduction - a combination of an inhouse developed topical cream and a high impact massage to reshape the effected area giving noticeable improvement in a single treatment.

Ferenc is an exceptional therapist with over a decade of experience as a holisitc practitionner, in both Australia and the UK.

Call now to book your treatment on 07956 172 929 at 2, Riverside Studios, Warspite Road, Royal Borough of Greenwich, SE18 5NR

Ferenc is also available for corporate on-site treatments and group bookings - please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


"I'm a big fan of the Bowen Technique and Ferenc seemed to know intuitively how my body was feeling.  His treatment was totally professional and extremely relaxing and I was amazed at the extra movement I had in my shoulder which was at first restricted.  I can recommend Ferenc for just about any ailment!"
Janey Lee Grace - Radio 2 Presenter

"In 2006, I sustained a serious eye injury while horse riding, tearing the epithelium of my left eye. After two painful operations I was under daily medical treatment. The doctors told me that the eye would never fully recover and permanent damage had been done to my tear ducts.  After three sessions of Bioptron Light Therapy I no longer felt the excruciating pain when waking and no longer sufferred from the “dried out” feeling my eyes used to have.  After ten sessions I returned to my consultant who (after a close inspection of my eye) declared my recovery to be nothing short of miraculous.  Years on, my eye is as healthy and strong as it was before the accident and I feel so strongly about the healing and regenerative power of the Bioptron Light Therapy that I use it in my anti-aging treatments."
Juliette Scarfe - Founder of Bare Skin Beauty

"I had the pleasure of sharing a stand with Platinum Health Services at the London Green Fair and having carried a few injuries for too long, Ferenc offered me a Bowen Technique treatment to see how I got along with it.  What an experience!!!  The man has the most amazing healing hands which generated enough heat to warm the whole body - despite the ambient temperature being against us.  That was the Reiki energy flowing through him as he gently applied his touch to my muscle junctions.  Without previously having any real awareness of this treatment, I intuitively knew what the Bowen Technique is all about and why its fans claim such wonderful results from it.  I can't wait to book my next treatment and equally can't recommend Ferenc highly enough to anyone suffering with 'pain issues'.
Neil Tomlinson - Founder of Aquapax 

"I regularly train in Muay Thai and also follow an extensive weight training regime. I found that regular sessions of Bowen Technique with Ferenc helped to improve my mobility and flexibility as well as helping to rehabilitate injuries."
Jamie McKie - Personal Trainer

"Having undergone major back surgery for scoliosis several years ago, I was astounded that only a few sessions of Bowen therapy had such an impact on minimising the pain in my back. Ferenc was great at explaining how the therapy worked and I cannot recommend the therapy and Ferenc highly enough."
Katie Cohen - Solicitor